Saturday, August 9, 2014

Praying for Iraq

I don't usually do the whole "change your photo to support a cause" idea, but I'm at such a loss of even being able to grasp and comprehend the unthinkable evil that our brothers and sisters are facing in Iraq. We need to pray. Actually, really pray. Not just say, "That's terrible! Praying!" and then go right back to enjoying our lives of ceaseless luxuries and unending comforts forgetting about our family in Christ. Each time we look at our children or grandchildren we need to be reminded to pray for the safety of these innocent lives being taken. Each time we see our mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, we need to be reminded to pray for the many lives ones running and hiding in order to escape this travesty. Surely we know that our government isn't the answer and help they need, not really. Surely we realize the evil is in the heart of man and no government can stop that. Only The Almighty, The Sovereign Lion of Judah who has delivered and protected his remnant since the beginning can address the evil in hearts of men.

But today I changed my profile photo on facebook to this photo of the Arabic letter "N" which is what is being put on the homes of Christian's in Iraq so they may be targeted and killed.  We can't forget them, we need to remember to pray and keep praying!!

Please be praying this prayer with me... Our Gracious Father, we seek your intervention and beg for the deliverance of your people. We praise You because You are worthy to be praised. We know that only You can protect Your children from evil and that You would make a way for them where there seems to be no way. Help us to remember them in our prayers that we may bring them before you continuously. In Christ's Holy Name, Amen.

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